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Keeping Your Massage Safe During Covid

Well, I've been back in the office since June, adapting to this new life and daily routine as we all are. It has been an eye-opening experience, and one that I am actually very grateful for. I have been working in the industry for nearly a decade, and although as therapists we're aware of the common spread of illnesses and the importance of disinfection in our offices, this year has forced us to ramp up our practices to keep ourselves- and our clients- safe.

I have adopted new behaviors this year that I will now carry and implement throughout my career. I want to share some of my new protocols with you here, in hopes that you will feel safe and comfortable when you're on the table.

As many of you know, we do share a lobby with the chiropractic office where our space is located. In an effort to reduce time in the lobby, which may have chiropractic patients in it, we encourage our first time clients to print and bring their intakes with them to their session. We are also encouraging clients to text or call when they arrive, and they will be promptly greeted and welcomed into the treatment room. These protocols keep you distanced and safe from others who may be in the building at the same time as you.

We are also doing daily temperature screenings for staff and clients, alongside a brief questionnaire regarding any possible exposure to Covid.

Masks are required in our facility, and in session. As social distancing is not achievable during a massage, we feel that masks are our biggest, yet simplest measure of protection against spreading illness.

Our second most important line of defense is our new enhanced cleaning and disinfection protocol. Before and after each client, we clean and disinfect all surfaces, from doorknobs to chairs, our oil holsters, our light switches- every surface in the room. We provide, as always, clean linens to each client, and store unused linens away from open air contamination. We have a HEPA air filter in the treatment room, as well as UV light devices for further disinfection. We feel that a combination of all of these resources makes our office as safe as possible for our clients.

Of course we realize that not everyone is ready to return to the table. We respect that decision. We encourage our clients with health concerns or pre-existing conditions that may make them susceptible to Covid to please consider their need for therapy and always make the best decision for themselves. We also realize that massage therapy is a vital service for many of our clients, and they depend on it to maintain physical function in their daily lives. For this reason, we will be here offering our therapy (as it's allowed by state orders). And when you enter into our office, know that we are doing everything possible to keep you and your loved ones safe.

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