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Let's Have a Little Talk About Table Time

When we get on a massage table, we have an expectation that our therapists will have our best interest in mind during our session. I have found in this business that my intention as a massage therapist is the most important component of any treatment I give. If I walk into a session with the intent to heal or to comfort, I keep that in mind throughout the session and try to stay focused on that. At the end of the session, it is clear to me that my client has reaped the benefit of this intent that I set. However, if I go into a session ungrounded and unfocused, my client may feel more relaxed at the end but I often feel that they did not get 100% of the healing benefits that they could have if I had set my intent at the beginning.

I have had the pleasure of working mostly in environments where I could take my time with my clients. Healing takes time. And I have found over the years that if I am feeling rushed, my work is less beneficial and results in less healing for my clients. Not to say that they were not relaxed or that they did not feel a difference in their condition, but when I really have the time to feel what they need, I am able to produce results on an incredible level.

I have also worked for a short period of time at a chain massage spa. This was one of the worst points in my career. Although I had great clients, I felt that I never had the time to give them exactly what they needed. I was even encouraged to hide the clock from my clients so they would not know if they were shorted time. I deplored this way of treating my clients. The rushing in between appointments strained the time that I had with my clients on the table. I often find that an hour is not long enough to address the pain and dysfunction in someone's body. Now imagine taking a full 10 minutes out of the hour. This is not enough time for anyone to get the results that they truly need. I have seen therapist at such places irritated with their clients when they walk through the door for no other reason then that they knew they would not have enough time to give a good massage. These environments place so much strain on both therapist sand their clients. If your massage therapist is not in a good mindset going into the session, you will pick up on it. That will be the overlying energy of the treatment, and when such negativity is in the room, no true healing can be done.

My point here is that although you may pay for a membership at a large massage facility, and although you may receive massage regularly, you may still not be getting the benefits of massage that you would see when a therapist can really take their time with you.

I treasure every moment of my sessions with my clients. I have seen amazing things happen on physical and energetic levels alike. My clients deserve my time. After all, they are paying for it. They are paying for healing; they are paying for relaxation. And they deserve it. So when I go into a room, I take my time. I stay grounded. And I give at least a full hour. It's amazing the difference the 10 minutes can make. Come experience the difference of unhindered body work and full time and focus. I look forward to helping you reclaim your wellness.

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